25 Different Hijab Styles for Round Faces 2017

In this modern world, to flatter a scarf according to your face is a difficult job for girls. Here we are going to share different hijab styles for round faces in an inspirational way. Hijab is an evident part of clothing for Muslim ladies but it has gathered huge trend in western population as well. If it is chosen in a comfortable style, it will surely multiply your beauty. We have also displayed exclusive images with brief detail in the gallery to broaden the user’s imagination.

Generally, scarves are wrapped according to the fashion trend and weather conditions. To add more value in your elegant personality, it is imperative to choose a scarf which compliment your face shape and exonerate your facial features. Most common face shape includes oval, square, elongated and round. We are going to focus on hijab style with round face. Round face usually are short and wide cheeked. There are different styles which you can adopt to accentuate your facial beauty. It ranges from loose bending style, upper dome style and folded Egyptian style. Determination of right hijab style with trendy stuff will ensure an outstanding personality. You can take plain, printed or ornamented fancy hijabs depending upon your personal preferences. Let us check out some terrific scarf styles for round face.

Gorgeous Loose Hijab Style

If you have a round face, you can carry this decent hijab style. To get this idea, take a wide scarf, hold it over your head and start wrapping from one side of scarf by making multiple layers. In the end, pin the corner along ear to secure it. Avoid tight fitting for layers and show off your cheeks by narrowing the sides. You can use maximum volume of face to keep up scarf in a right way to update your looks.

Cute Horn Style of Scarf

Another very relevant option for hijab style is camel horn shape. To acquire this idea, you have to gather your hair at the top of head in a bun style. Now cover your head with a scarf cap first. Take a chiffon or silk head wear and start folding it around your head. Pick the ending side and tie it at the front along your shoulder by covering your neck area. Thus an upper horn style will be formed which gives you a stunning outlook. You can try this hijab style with round face either in your casual or in formal routine.


Knotted Egyptian Hijab Style

The perfect hijab style for round face is cozy Egyptian style. To impart this idea, you have to take a square scarf. Wrap it around your face and fix it below your chin with adjoining pin or other hair accessory. The free ends of hijab float along front side. Thus a loose and simple knot style hijab will ensure you a captivating outlook. Let us check out details in the magnificent picture shown below.

Side Folded Hijab Style

Another very interesting way to carry hijab is side twisting or folding which looks just awesome. You can raise your elegance by adopting this popular hijab style which will exaggerate your round cheeks. For this, take a long scarf and put it over your head. After single fold across your neck, carry the other corner and make twists in a falling style across your ear and neck area. Fix the end of scarf with a fancy pin over the other side of head. You can experiment with this style by making the knot in a butterfly shape to grab the attention.

To culminate the above discussion, we can conclude that appropriate selection of hijab style will make you different and attractive in any gathering. Moreover, face shape play a vital role to invigorate your style and personal impression. We hope that above mentioned creative ideas about Different Hijab Styles for Round Faces will assist you to choose the loveliest option. If you want to make our work more persuasive, we affectionately invite your suggestions in the box given below.

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