25 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair Braids 2017

Here we are showing you easy hairstyles for long hair braids in an inspirational manner for 2017. Braids are considered as most popular and easy way to arrange long hair perfectly. You can alter your looks by modifying long hair braids in multiple styles. We have also displayed fantastic images with brief description to broaden your imagination.

Historically, braids were associated with African culture but with the penetration in other societies, this hairstyle got innumerable significance all across the globe. it is widely appreciated among women of all age groups not only in western world but also in eastern countries. You can assemble your thick long hair in different braid styles depending upon the fashion trends and your personal preferences.

Braids look beautiful if they are set across your shoulder or along your back. Medium and long hair can be managed in classy style braids which can ensure you an elegant appearance. Braids are highly recognized among Asian brides because they cover their head with a long dupatta on wedding day and long hair braids go well with such type of attire. Moreover, you can decorate your braids with fresh seasonal flowers and hair accessories for any ceremonial function. Exotic bows and ribbons are also used to secure the ends of your long braids which look very amazing. Let us check out the following outstanding ideas and pictures in this context.

Gorgeous French Long Hair Braid

If you have smooth and silky long hair, you can acquire this exclusive French braid. To get this idea, gather your long hair at the back of head first. Now divide it into three equal sections. After this, carry two strands from each section and formulate inward folding by merging it with the rest of sections simultaneously. Continue this process up till the length of your hair. In the end, bind a colorful bow style clipper to secure it for a longer time period. You can go to attend a friend’s party with this long hair braid to experience a catchy outlook.

Multiple Long Hair Braids with a Ponytail

Another very tantalizing way to arrange your long or medium hair is by multiple braiding styles. To obtain this idea, comb your hair to remove unwanted tangles and bind them at the top of head with a strong elastic band. Now split your hair in small sections. Carry three strands of hair from each section and mould them in simple braid style. Secure the long thin braid with a colorful bead. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of hair sections. You can see a waterfall of long hair braids with colorful beads at your back which looks highly fascinating. This is a perfect choice for voluminous chunky hair.

Two Long Braids with Middle Parting

In order to meet an innocent look, young school going girls can maintain the shiny looks of their long hair by adopting this two braid hair dressing. To embrace this idea, part your hair in two sections floating across your shoulders by middle parting. Starting from the ear side, make braided strands in a simple way by taking three loops from both sides. You can use white or blue ribbons to secure these long braids. You can revitalize your elegance by adopting this supreme long braid style.

Twirling Long Hair Braids

One of the most entertaining hairstyle for long hair involves twirling or coiling hairstyle. To infuse this idea, divide your hair in small sections first. Beginning from the front of head, mould your hair forming inward twists against the surface of head. Gather all these twirled strands in your hand and make a rope style braid by taking tiny strands of hair. You can clear these interesting braided hairstyles with the fabulous pictures added in the gallery. Apart from this, you can adorn your braids with exotic hair accessories to grab a fancy outlook.

To close up the subsequent discussion, we can conclude that braids are always in vogue with the induction of advanced styles in this category of fashion world. You can surely experience a terrific look by practicing the lovely braiding styles shared in this article. We hope that our creative work focusing easy hairstyle for long hair braids will offer you a plenty of options to give your personality a matchless impression.

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