18+ Happy Birthday Wishes Card & Pictures

In this article, we are going to elaborate striking and magnificent happy birthday wishes card along with certain pictures. Birthdays are never complete without beautiful wishing cards. Everyone remains curious to get a unique birthday card from their loved ones.The tradition of birthday wishing cards has its roots back in ancient times, but this trend meets huge appreciation in the present age due to a wide range of designs and styles of cards circulated all across the globe. Although, various new formats and visual arts have been introduced to make birthday cards attractive but choice of card carry central importance depending upon the personality for whom you are taking wishing card. To make you aware about different ideas about birthday cards, following pictures will definitely help you to make the best choice.

Pictures and printed messages in birthday cards come in various styles, from fine arts to humorous and profane. Typically, birthday cards are decorated with motifs; funny cartoon visuals, flowers and ribbons but now numerous styles have been invented due to modification in this section. As a result, wishing cards range is enriched with the addition of new techniques of musical touch that create sweet and enjoyable feelings among your relationships. Birthday is no doubt, one of the most significant days in one’s life so to make this day memorable we tried to give you a fabulous collection of birthday greeting cards with animations of smiles, rainbow visuals and balloons.

Standard birthday greeting cards

A standard birthday card is print on quality paper in different colors with picture or motifs on front. Inside is a pre-printed message for wishing birthdays along with some blank space to add hand signature or some specific message from the sender. Moreover, these cards are enveloped in the modern way to give a fascinating look to whole birthday party. The event of Birthday is full of celebration and happiness, so selection of birthday card play a central role to make the festivity memorable. You can make options from the pictures given below.

Photo featuring birthday cards

In recent years, the trend of photo-bearing birthday cards has embraced huge fame worldwide. In these cards, a photo of the birthday gal is inserted by drawing a whole in the centre of card thus the photo slides just like a frame. It looks wonderful and delightful. In addition to all this, photo can be printed with a combination of artwork and colorful paintings to make a birthday card a charming look. Photos always remind you some beautiful moments, so it is a unique style of birthday wishing cards styled with pictures.

Musical greeting cards

This type of birthday cards has gained widespread popularity. They are designed in such a way that as they are opened, they give a musical sound. Musical greeting cards are commonly 3D handmade which sing traditional song ‘happy birthday to you.’ These cards are widely admir among children. Such types of cards are specifically design for music lovers wishing them in a different way.

Pop up cards

Another very special category of birthday cards is pop up cards. They are the cards that once opened, have a picture coming outward suddenly giving a surprise to the receiver. The picture may be horrible or some reptile shape like lizard. It can be an interesting birthday card for many girls. They are specially formed to project feelings of friendship and humor. Let us enjoy the following pictures of birthday wishing cards.

Fancy floral birthday cards

The most popular kind of birthday cards is fancy floral birthday cards. These cards targets spouse relationship with the features of red roses and candle lights along with various striking heart shapes. It gives a feeling of love and care which make the day of your loved one very amazing. Moreover, the enveloping with fine ribbons gives out a soft and melodious outlook. Artificial flowers are crafted on cards in a stylish way with the emergence of delighted feelings that looks very charming.

To conclude our discussion, we can say that birthday cards are a unique way to augment the sparkle the joy of that particular occasion. Now you can easily assimilate all the ideas mentioned above about birthday cards to make a perfect choice. If you have any healthy suggestion to make our effort more impressive and effective, your comments in below box will be lovingly welcome.

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