How To Calculate Revenue Share Formula & Definition

The most important thing to understand working basis of revenue share companies is that they are not investment based earning opportunities; hence they do not guarantee any profit in return.

Working Basis of Revenue Share Companies

Revenue Share Companies

They are basically traffic exchange websites which highly aim to make online promotion of your personal or business websites or any other affiliate programs that you are working on. To participate in traffic exchange you need to buy Adpacks or AdShares or often called AdPositions too. The cost of each AdPack is different from site to site; it can be as low as $1 to as high as $100 depending on company’s pay plan.

Once you purchase AdPack, you are provided with certain AdCredits in your account. The number of AdCredits is also varied in different revenue share programs with a basic aim to use these credits to promote the website link of your own choice. By the time or every time when any member purchase an AdShare the revenue share company reserves a certain percentage in profit pool system. If the company goes towards profits it will then share a small percentage of revenue generated each day to its all members. To receive a percentage from company’s profit pool it is necessary to have at least one Active AdPack. However, daily profit sharing may vary depending on daily sales made by any revenue share company. This is why these companies are named as revenue share because they share revenue or profit to its members each day.

So, this is worth to say you will get advantage on two sides. The one side will make you to get traffic and lead to your business website you put for promotion. While the other side let’s you make some extra profit by receiving money from revenue share pool systems made by these companies. However, it can be observed the traffic is not highly targeted and qualitative. The best strategy to get good results from revenue share traffic exchange is to use attractive banners and highly quality text content, or right landing pages will make you to get will make you to get some opt-ins or even certain business sales.

Most people are great fans of revenue share programs. I recommend not to join more than five revshare companies and start advertising by cross promotion. While you make promotion keep avoiding to use generic banners. However, you can use your own unique banners using a free software system called AdKreator or you can buy banners on Fiver for less about $5 cost. Also it is worth to point out while you do cross promotion do not use generic affiliate pages which are provided by revenue share companies. Instead try to create your own well formatted unique pages to get even more concentration or you can use a marketing funnel that is even powerful funnel system called Lead Lightning. You can also use Get Response that is an email marketing program for handsome and powerful online promotion.


The revenue share business models are basically aim to generate quality leads for any personal or business website. It also serves great to promote any affiliate program to bring about more sales and customers look. It is worth you’ll also earn a certain amount of profit from revenue share pools each day till the expiry of each AdPack. Online promotion is responsible to boost your primary business links and websites, the most people use revenue share companies for this purpose.

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