How to Wear the Hijab in Different Styles

To be versatile and stylish, every girl desires to wear hijab or scarf in an up to date manner to have stunning looks. To address this demand of girls, we are going to discuss in this article how to wear the hijab in different styles. Many girls wear it as part of fashion; on the other hand many girls carry it due compulsory part of their religious dress. Traditionally, scarf was used as head cover but nowadays, variety of styles has been introduced to vast your exposure according to fashion trends. However, hijab style varies from culture to culture as well so we will show you different styles of wearing hijab.

No doubt, hijab conforms to a certain standard of decorum. It gives your personality a modest and graceful look. With the development in this segment by fashion designers, a huge variety of scarves is now evolved in plain as well as printed fabric. They can be carried in functions, events as well as during your daily routine. Beautiful designs and fine fabric of scarves gives a fabulous look to the personality of girls. Moreover, scarf trends change from season to season.

You can choose following styles easily in any season. You can also take many healthy ideas from images given below. Here is a collection of modern, simple and decent styles to wear hijab to have an elegant look. You can carry a scarf in a number of ways including the necktie style, loop style, twisted style, square knot Egyptian style, Arabian style and in Turkish style. Let us do check following beautiful and latest styles to wear hijab.

Turkish hijab style

It is a common observation that every culture has its unique life style, so we are going to make you aware about Turkish hijab style which looks awesome. In this style, firstly, you have to cover your hair with an under scarf cap made from thin and soft fabric. It will tie your hair in bob shape behind your head. Now pick the scarf in rectangle form and double layered it across your chin and head. In the end, bend the corner of the scarf with beautiful scarf pin or any floral pin above your head. Thus, it will give you an adorable look. You can use matching scarves according to your dress. Following photos can help you to adopt this modern style.

Egyptian hijab style

Another very fashionable way to carry hijab is in Egyptian style. Mostly, printed scarves are being used with decent plain dresses. In this style, you cover your head with a scarf and tie the knot beneath your chin. Thus, it looks very stylish and funky. Moreover, you can wear it in with little flayers or twists which look magnificent. You can also use goggles on your eyes to blend the modern touch. There is a huge variety in Egyptian hijab style that can be taken on ceremonial functions as well. This style will boost up your confidence and gives you a pretty look. Let us check out the cool pictures given below.

Arabian hijab style

One of the most elegant ways to wear a head scarf is Arabic hijab style. It gives you a marvelous beauty with an eye catching look to your personality. In this style, squared scarf is used with multiple layering on head. In addition to this, you can apply velvety head cap underneath to cover your hair. You can bend the corner of the scarf with beautiful flowers or feathers to have a different look. A large scarf is used in Arabian style to cover your head and neck line. Many striking designs and glorious prints have been used to update styles in the Arabian hijab collection. These head scarves not only give you protection but also safeguards your hair from airborne contamination. These Arabian hijab styles are very trendy and decent in look.

Another important aspect to style scarf is the induction of ornamental articles like rhinestones, beats and floral pins to set the scarf over the head. Various jewels and glittered buckles are very common used to enhance the grace of scarf. Safety pins in butterfly or star shape are widely appreciated among teenage girls. In short, all decorative stuff can be used to style any scarf to beautify your appearance.

In conclusion, we can say that hijab embodies the modest picture of women’s femininity. So its selection carries paramount importance to have a decent and modern look. You can make various ideas to style your hijab by going through the above discussion. Moreover, you can confidently carry these styles in events as well as during your day to day activities.



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