Latest & Newest Hijab Styles 2017

For Latest & Newest Hijab Styles 2017 check complete post. Today hijabs are very popularly used by Muslim girls all over the world. They are in fashion and are available in many impressive designs, colors, fabrics and styles. They are used for many different occasions ranging from ordinary ones to the most important and wedding functions. These are used in all weathers and seasons. Some is formal ones and some are casual.

There are many different fabrics that are used for making hijabs. Silk fabrics are usually used for formal hijabs. In summers, light material and in winters thick fabric is used for making hijabs. There are many different styles of the hijabs. Some have beautiful embroidery on the front, borders or neckline. Some have beads, crystals, pearls etc. on them. Some of the Latest & Newest Hijab Styles 2017 are described below

Casual Hijab Styles

This is used on a daily basis. It’s a simple kind of hijab which is also very easy to wear and carry. It gives elegant look to girls and ladies and is simply wrapped around the face and a knot is tied on the neck area. It is ideal for routine use in offices, colleges and others.

Al-Amirah Hijab Style

The Al-Amirah style is usually worn by many Muslim ladies because of it is very convenient and easy to use. It is one of the most popularly used styles especially in the West. Most of such types of hijabs have 2 Pieces, but some have 1 piece. It is very commonly used because it is widely used on an everyday basis.

Triangular Hijab Style

It is also used for daily the routine basis and is another type of casual hijab but its style is a bit different than casual one. Mostly it is available in silk fabric and a triangular scarf is wrapped around it. Although this style is casual but it can be worn on many formal occasions too as it really looks beautiful.

Summer Hijab Style

Light in color and light in weight hijabs are used in summers. Light colors really look elegant and usually Arabic hijabs are used as summer hijabs. They are very stylish and give you a beautiful look.

Outdoor Hijab Styles

Such styles are perfect to wear outdoors. Usually cotton fabric is used as it is light and resists heat but some silk fabric is also used for outdoor hijabs. In this style the hijab is simply wrapped with an attractive technique and is the best for open air activities. Usually Arabic outdoor hijabs are the best ones with gives a gorgeous look.

Turkish Hijab Styles

Turkish hijabs are very unique and reflect the Turkish culture. They are extremely beautiful and trendy. They reflect the essence of Turkish beauty.

Turban Hijab Style

Turban style is the Turkish style which is very attractive and charming. It is also called the Head wrap. These are available in both simple and printed fabrics. It is a very different style which gives ladies very smart look. Turban hijabs are one of the latest hijab styles 2016.

Latest & Newest Hijab Styles 2016;

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