Latest Pakistani & Indian Bridal Hairstyles 2017

Wedding no doubt, is one of the most significant days in life of any girl so to look adorable she has to polish her personality from every aspect. Pakistani and Indian bridal hairstyles 2017 keep resemblance to some extent due to common culture of sub continent. Bridal hairstyle carries more value because it highlights the facial features and projects a gorgeous outlook. There are numerous hairstyles which have been introduced by hairstylists in different eras according to the fashion trends. In this article, we will briefly describe modern and stylish hairstyles for Pakistani and Indian brides.

Pakistani Bridal Hairstyles

It is a common observation that Pakistani brides used to stick their dupattas on their heads with pins so they usually dress their hair to make heavy work on their dress visible. Bridal hairstyle must be styled in such a comfortable way that would enhance the freshness and beauty of the bride. You can also apply many different ornaments to give glow to Pakistani bridal hairstyles. In the following paragraphs we will discuss different techniques to tie Pakistani bridal hair in a fashionable manner.

Floral hairstyles

Pakistani brides look gorgeous when their hairstyles are given a light touch of flower whether it is natural or artificial. You should choose hairstyle in accordance to your hair length and facial features. Basically, Pakistani brides carry long hair, so they can style their long braids with beautiful tulip or rose flowers which will definitely give them a stunning look.

Bun hairstyle

Another very trendy and pretty hairstyle embraced by Pakistani brides is bun style. You can wrap your hair in the shape of bun over your head with a forehead front puff style which can give an elegant look to your personality. Moreover, Pakistani brides dress their hair by middle parting their hair and using various hair accessories like crowns etc

Back comb hairstyle

One of the most popular and glorious Pakistani bridal hairstyle is back comb hairstyle. Brides used to set their hair by back combing and straightening them in an exceptional way which can give them gorgeous look. In addition to all this, Pakistani bridal hairstyles can be dressed in blue dry method or long curls according to the personal choice of brides.

Indian Bridal Hairstyle

As we know that territory of India is an amalgamation of various cultures so brides in India used to make their attires on their wedding according to their customs. Now we are going to reveal some fantastic and eye catching hairstyles for Indian brides.

Dense jewel hairstyle

Among Indian brides, emphasis lies on dense jewelry either of flowers or made from metal. Indian brides distinguishing feature is that their hair are decorated with long layers of flowers which give them glamorous look. On the wedding day, everyone is profound on how the bride looks so you have to be careful in choosing bridal hairstyle to make them special and confident.

Pinned up short bun hairstyle

The newly introduced hairstyle which got huge recognition among Indian brides is pinned up bun hairstyle. In such type of hairstyle, hair is wrapped on multiple times by using hair pins in cob web form. This style is easy to make and differ from traditional bun styles. You can set it on uppermost of head as well as on one side of head.

Adding up more styles for Indian brides you can take blow dry, trimming flares and braid style which remain always in fashion and give you modern and attractive look.

To conclude the above discussion, we can confer that all the styles mentioned above are easy and quick to make which will surely adds beauty and elegance to bride’s personality. Advancements are being made and shared in this section by hairstylists of both countries in all dimensions on the basis of contemporary fashion.

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