25 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas 2017

Here are some unique wedding invitation ideas for the year 2017. Choose the invitation style that fits your taste and grace of the wedding occasion. Choose the best color combination for the background, designs, themes, fonts etc. Weddings are very special occasions and so are the wedding invitations too. Invitations are in fact the first impression on the guests about the celebration of your event. They express your mood and style. So there must be a dream invitation for your special day. Invitations range from modern to traditional. While theming wedding invitations, you must make sure the wedding invitations should match the flair of the venue and season.

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas 2016

In below you can checkout different unique ideas and can select one for your special day. Lets see;

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas 2016

A Floral Invitation

It is ideal for a Spring Wedding. Spring and summer weddings are planned in gardens, beaches and all decorated with flowers so the floral invitation is such an inspiration for everyone. A floral invitation expresses simplicity, beauty and style. It is extremely adorable. It has been practiced for years and still becoming popular for 2015 wedding invitations. A floral invitation adds flair to your invites and gives the idea of colors.

A Wooden Invitation Idea

When we talk about wooden invitation, an outdoors wedding occasion comes into mind. A wooden invitation combines the affection of nature. A wooden designed invitation with all the details engraved into it, is a very different style and one of the most popular and unique wedding invitations. It is certainly perfect to give your day an earthy touch.

Tied Invitation

It is a different invitation idea than the traditional one. It has a front cover, RSVP card and an invitation card which all are tied up with any band or ribbon.It is really a very nice and stylish idea to send invitation to the guests.

A Letterpress Wedding Invitation

It is an artistic invitation which has been used since long time and it is still in practice and very popular. It is reflected as one of the best practices of invitations. Today, this type of invitation is present in the form of digital designs.

Rustic Style Invitation

It is a very special invitation for barn wedding. It is also an ideal invitation style if you are going to have your wedding in an old English traditional style. It is actually a beautiful wedding invitation idea.

Hand kerchief Invitation Idea

The wedding handkerchief is considered as a customary gift for parents, so a handkerchief invitation is really a creative idea. It is a superb idea to give a keep sake for your guests. It is one of the most popular and unique 2015 wedding invitation ideas.

Pocket Fold Invitation

It is an ideal style of invitation if there is to include much information with the invitation. Basically it is used for such type of weddings which are to be held over many days and a lot of information is to be given to the guests. It has many inserts showing the map, directions, hotel information, menu, route information, transport information and many more. This design is very popularly used by people.

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas 2016                   

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