What Is A Revenue Share Business Website?

The revenue share websites, also called by most people as revshare, are the type of online business model where people need to buy Advertisement Packages (AdPacks). After purchasing AdPacks, the website will let you to promote your business or any product link to get traffic and organic visitors to your links. In addition to leads and traffic, the people also receive a small amount of profit on their investment that is often called Return On Investment (ROI). However, this profit is not guaranteed as revenue share websites are not investment based companies. That’s why revshare companies are not strongly considered as investment or business opportunities.

Understanding A Revenue Share Company

Revenue Share Business Model Success

The revenue share companies are intended to pay the people for being their online advertising partners. They advertise their other business opportunities on these revshare sites to generate more organic traffic. What is actually going on is that they primarily sell traffic to their registered members and later share some profits to those are active members.

The basic scenario is that the people have any business or product and they want to promote it worldwide. They will join revenue share websites and purchase traffic for their business or product in order to make a huge and effective online promotion.

Different revenue share companies allocate different price for their advertisement packages and they also deliver different ratio of profits on daily basis till the expiry of their AdPacks. However, most of the companies offer 120% ROI (100% their capital investment + 20% extra profit on AdPacks). They aim to transfer this revenue on hourly basis, daily basis, etc. However, there is no fix percentage of daily return, it varies from site to site, but people will get profit till the expiry of each AdPack.

What’s the drama is going on with these revenue share websites? Most people are frustrated to join and continue revshare business programs because most of these companies fly over by nights. They hardly last for months or a few months and do scams with their honest members. However, only few companies with long lasting provision will remain online for years to provide their members a sustainable and long term earning opportunity. So people need to make a thorough self observation before joining any revshare company to secure heir investments and belief.

According to my personal experience and observations, I condemn those revenue companies which promise to account a high returning percentage on daily basis like 10%, 15%, 20%, and even high. I never trust these high returning websites because there is a high risk to be scam and insecure your seed money. I prefer to work on those delivering a daily profit returning percentage between 1% – 2.5%. This profit percentage on daily basis is the most trusted sign to secure your investment and will remain live with a long term mission and vision. I always deliver my words to my friends, family members and business partners, if you want to become a successful revenue share earner, must look for this trusted returning ratio.

I also made a great experience of people who are curious to join fast paying revshare business models. They look very happy and excited at the time of joining while within a few days they start claiming company owners of being scammed. What a pretty complaint they mad? Lolz! This is not the company owners’ faults but only yours. You need to make a clear learning and understating of any revshare business model before joining and later invest what you can afford to loss. This is the best strategy for any revshare company.

My recommended Top Revenue Share Websites


Revenue sharing websites are not investment based companies. However, people need to make fewer efforts to get earned and make handsome profits. This is why a long term and sustainable revenue share business model can be very handy and profitable to earn some extra ordinary income. Be careful wile joining a revenue share websites and always invest the amount that you can afford if it becomes offline. I am a part of different revshare programs where I collect huge earning and commissions from my honorable team members and I am keen to help them to earn some extra ordinary income with powerful income strategies. Go to my recommended revshare companies to start your online earning journey.

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